Vortex Power Utility

About Us
Our company was founded on the idea of reducing clean and green energy for the power grid. We are providing thebest reuse of this site and giving back to teh community in taxes as well as providing a lower cost power solution for renewable energy. The power plant has two generation elements that re used for power generation. The simplest is a CHP set of smaller generator units that use natural gas as a clean sustainable fuel. This makes up only 100-150mw of power. The exhaust heat from these gen sets is used to pre heat he bigger generator systems water for its steam. The second generation system will create 300-500 MW of renewable power using a special black wood pellet as its fuel to create steam. The pellets are crushed and ground into a powder and used to fuel the boiler to make heat and steam. That water going into the boiler is first pre heated by the CHP system to reduce some of the need of the amount of wood pellets. The steam output drives a large generator to make power for the grid. The wood pellet is free from sulphur and mercury yet makes the same BTU's as coal. The ash recovered is safe and can be used as a fertilizer for food growing. The resultant gases that are released into the air are 90% below epa standards. This source of pellet has been in use for many years all over the globe and in the USA. The wood that makes it is not from trees taken down to supply the industry but rather wood that has been diseased or left from forest fires. Also left over wood from timber industry harvesting. There is more than enough of this certified wood so no new trees are harvested for this product. Wood is renewable and will regrow. Diseased trees are taken down as well as those left from fires. Any excess wood from commerical use such as saw dust and chips are also taken in to make the pellets. The wood is steam processed to the black pellet so it is water proof. Unlike your pellet stove this pellet can be left in the rain and snow and it does not absorb water.

The power from using this fuel will not harm the air , enviroment nor cause any tree harvesting. The EPA has rules and we will meet andbe under the rule limits to insure that we are a safe power generation site. We will have electronic and live body monitoring 24x7 to insure this. 

Vortex Power Utility
265 Franklin St Ste 1702, Boston, MA 02110
(617) 274-5606

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